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Maritime Culture Relics in Quanzhou

Quanzhou’s maritime activities reached its peak in the Song and Yuan Dynasties. As the history passes by, it is difficult to imagine the image of the prosperous ancient Quanzhou Port. Fortunately, many precious historical relics have been left behind over years, such as the Wanshou Pagoda and Liusheng Pagoda which were the navigation marks in the ancient days, Shihu wharf located between Haikou and Jiangkou, Meishan wharf, Wenxing wharf, Zhenwu Joss House which was used to hold sailing worship activities, Thean Hou Temple, Stone Inscriptions in Jiuri Mountain, Dehua Kiln to exports the porcelain, kiln site in Cizao, Song dynasty ancient sank ship. All of these are the historical footsteps that portrayed the glories of Quanzhou ancient status as one of the world’s major port.

Underwater Archaeological Treasures

Ancient Kiln Site

Stone Pagoda for Navigation Marks

Seaport and Estuary Relics

Zhenwu Joss House

Thean Hou Temple

Stone Inscriptions in Jiuri Mountain

Bureau for Foreighn shipping Relics